Lachlan (pronounced Lance-lin), often referred to as Lance, is a character.

He is voiced by Jaxen Ross is b-a-c-k!


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Lachlan is a selfish, rude, and arrogant ex-SP locomotive. One thing that irritates him is when engines slack off doing something else instead of working. Besides hating UP, he also hates CN and GTW, as he thinks their liveries "ripped off the SP bloody nose scheme", as well as ATSF, as they once attempted to merge with SP (although the merger never happened). He also hates MLP and Toy Story and is known to be unamused whenever anything related to MLP and Toy Story is inside his trains.

Nowadays, he hates working for UP and wishes SP was still in business.


Lachlan is an UP SD40T-2 numbered 2829.


  • He shares the same model as Ernest from dajara521's Trainz movie, Master of Train, Mike from Springfield Industrial Rails and Rails of Highland Valley, and Alexa from Tales on Springfield Railroad.
  • He is named after a character from Jaxenlab's MLP Trilogy series who had the same name. Coincidentally, that character was played by Jaxen himself.


NREX 2829

Lachlan's basis