Fred is a minor character.

His voice is yet to be determined.


In modern days, Fred is a rude and arrogant engine who hates working for BNSF and wishes ATSF was still in business. He wants to scrap all BNSF locomotives except Nicholas and other unrepainted ex-ATSF units. He respects ATSF 3751 and other locomotives that represent ATSF. He also hates BN for merging with ATSF in 1996, Maresk as he thinks it "ripped off the Warbonnet scheme", as well as SP, as they once attempted to merge with ATSF (even though it didn't happen), thus Fred being repainted into the Kodachrome paint scheme. Fred also hates CSX as he thinks the YN3 livery "ripped off the ATSF bookend scheme" and Delaware and Hudson as the scheme on the ALCO PAs “ripped off the Warbonnet scheme“.


Fred is a BNSF SD40-2R numbered 1573. He began his life as ATSF SD45-2 numbered 5663.




  • He is loosely based off Mike from Tales on Springfield Railroad and Rails of Highland Valley.


BNSF 1573

Fred's basis